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We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneers in manufacturing Rubber (Latex) Balloons.

With expertise of over 50 years, we are in a better position to cater to your requirements with complete satisfaction. We can provide Round-Shaped Balloons, Heart-shaped Balloons, Jumbo Balloons or Printed Balloons for Birthdays, Parties, Advertising, and Sales Promotion with name, logo or any other message on the balloon.

We sell a huge variety of balloons in different shapes, sizes, and broad spectrum of color and finish ensuring there is something suitable for every type of celebration!

We strongly believe that producing high quality latex balloons requires a factory that has the highest standards of cleanliness and we work continuously to ensure that each and every part of the process meets such standards.



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What are rubber balloons made from?

Natural rubber balloons are made with the white sap or latex collected from the rubber trees grown in tropical rain forests in different parts of the world.

Are latex balloons bio- degradable?

Latex is biodegradable and will decompose as fast as an oak leaf in your back yard given identical conditions. The degradation process begins almost immediately after inflated balloons are exposed to the air.

What is a Foil Balloon?

Foil balloons are made of a thin , continuous film of metal over nylon. These balloons are less porous and remain inflated several times longer than untreated latex balloons. Foil balloons are not bio-degradable.


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